TPPL Technology meeting the intense demands of farming

If your farm is your livelihood, the performance of your agricultural fleet is vital. Tractors and Combine Harvesters face extreme terrain and lengthy daily use. These operating conditions demand more from a battery. ODYSSEY® batteries, with TPPL technology, offer superior levels of performance, power and longevity, making them the perfect choice for all agricultural vehicles.

Where unexpected downtime is not an option

The reliability of your starter battery is a priority when maximising uptime. ODYSSEY batteries are durable, reliable and resistant to vibration. Not only do they have impressive power reserves, the ODYSSEY Battery Performance Series™ range displays incredible starting power up to 2250 amps for 5 seconds, even after unplanned demands on the battery.

Functioning in extreme temperatures

Your farm needs to continue performing throughout all seasons, and as we’re all aware, cold weather can lead to traditional batteries losing available power and decreasing their charge acceptance. ODYSSEY batteries have been tried and tested in the most extreme environments ranging from -40°C to +50°C. With a resilient polypropylene case and cover, the durability and tolerance are second to none.

Service life exceeds comparable automotive batteries

The high-compression TPPL plate design delivers exceptional electrical performance and protection against the high- impact shocks and vibration that often cause premature battery failure.

30% more deep-cycle capability

This new TPPL technology enables you to discharge your battery deeper than ever before, while still delivering the same or even better life.

Market leading two-year shelf life

Allowing you to plan for future requirements, your ODYSSEY battery can be stored on open circuit (with no load across the battery) without recharging for up to 24 months or down to 12.6V, whichever occurs first.

Tried and tested technology

ODYSSEY Battery is renowned for its extensive use in luxury performance cars and is trusted by top racing teams. Already tested, and used, in the military and heavy-duty vehicle markets, this technology is now available in standard 629-DIN B and 625-DIN C footprints for agricultural vehicles.