The Performance Series

Today’s vehicles are more demanding, with vehicle and driver systems now requiring higher performance than conventional batteries were ever designed for.

ODYSSEY® Performance Series™ batteries with TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) technology provide the only solution that will truly meet these new demands.

A completely different design, TPPL Battery Technology provides unrivalled usable capacity, strength and life, to power even in the most demanding vehicles, with outstanding total cost of ownership returns.

Over 100% stronger for longer*

Will start engines after delivering up to twice the energy of any other automotive battery.

30% more deep-cycle capability*

Over 30% greater discharge than any other comparable automotive battery.

Faster recharge

Unlimited charging current and faster charge acceptance leads to reduced engine running costs, less fuel use and more power available.

Extreme temperature tolerance

Tried and tested in the most extreme environments operating in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C.

Vibration resistance

Protection against the high impact shocks and vibration that often cause premature battery failure.

Two-year market leading shelf life*

Can be stored on open circuit (with no load across the battery) without recharging for up to 24 months or 12.6V, whichever occurs first.

Longer service life*

Service life exceeds any other comparable automotive battery.

More flexible mounting

A maintenance-free, non-spillable design allows mounting on any side, in any position (except inverted).

The highest CCA value of any comparable automotive battery*

Industry-leading CCA rating of up to 1,500 amps with 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge.

* Performance improvements identified through comparison to conventional automotive flooded batteries.